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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


morning... wakeup... then go out.. VROOM~~~~~~ reach.. cloe's house.. saw Nicole der.. haha.. then talk talk a bit.. then borrow her car.. go drive 1 round... so nice^_^.. then chris come out say drive.. then v drive to Winson's house.. but not yet ready.. so v go kaho's house 1st.. but also the same not yet ready.. then fetch kaho go cloe house winson der.. so we talk talk talk talk.. then *BIPBIP* step say she cannot go =( sad nye.. :"( nvm v stil continue journey.. v go to Pryamid.. then walk walk talk talk eat eat.. BBQsomething.. the cute cute dinasour de.. haha.. v took picture wif de dinasour.. haha so nice.. then we go down skating.. haha so nice... 1st time skating.. haha so slippary... haha....so tight the shoe.. then we play playplay until around 3++4++ liddat.. then v all go find cendol.. haha.. i tot it was something super duper.. but kinda dissapointed.. haha.. still taste ok lar... haha... then v go kaiyean's house.. haha... we go to the playground.. haha.. kinda little kid right.. but we enjoy it^_^.. (O Look fast nye... )<< JAck.. haha the dog.. run so fast n cute.. Jack Russel =) haha.. bicycle photograph... Swing... and 1 dono call wad.. "Qiao Qiao ban".. haha... so nice... all playin der... ^_^ then after that.. we go back to KDU.. send all the ppl back.. haha.. then... go home... SOOO Tired... chat a few sentence then go bed Sleep... just wakeup^_^

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