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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Bla bla bla.. since last year.. hell.. haha petrol rises.. again again and again.. now! fuiyoyo... 41% haha.. guess what... 192cents to 270cents... if your car were to pump rm 70 it would be around rm 100,, rm100 would be RM 140+ ,, rm 150 will be 210++ fuiyoyo.. how to survive ah?? haha...
Tip to reduce petrol...

1> Turn off aircond if possible,switch it to fan
2> wind down your window..
3> Rev slowly...
4> bla bla bla.. haha... as usual...

Pro and COns
1> no more mat rempit
2> no more jamm (then how to travel ah?)
3> no more racing
4> no more aih sad..
5> no more yam cha... (NO money liao lehh..)
6> no more teh tarik(replace with ais kosong)
7> no more maggie goreng( replace with roti kosong)
8> economy don move(everyone try to stay at house more often)
9> GOT MORE PARKING!!! (YEAH! haha.. but who cares...)
10> petrol rise... everything rise price.. holy cow..
11> my allowance oso no rise(canot survive lehh)

Some1 fame dropped again..( u kno who LalAlaHh~)

Worker: ei ei boss.. can add petrol allowance or give more gaji ar?
BOSS: aiyo... where can.. everything rise my income no rise... oni pay more..
Worker: walao... where can liddat.. gaji no rise, rice rise price how to makan la..
BOSS: i also dono.. i rise your gaji who rise my money?
Worker: you think yourself laa...
BOSS: k lo.. you also think yourself la.. BLAME THE HEAD rise price owaiz..
Worker: yalo all his fault...

suan liao.. haih... petrol will increase more in da future... haihz.. sad... bear with it la.... suffer more...
don worry ah.. i heard they are givin some allowance la...but... not enuf de... so.. drink ice kosong and roti kosong oni.. hahaha



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