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Friday, May 04, 2007


Today morning wakeup.... kinda tired.. cuz neva get good sleep last night.. haihz... suan liao.. go skul... as usual.. went out for breakfast.. =\ haha there sit sit a while talk talk.. then Q say.. she reach ady..so i quickly finish my breakfast.. and go back.. =0 go back der.. i was shocked.. cuz her Bowling BAG is SOOOOOOO HUGE... haha.. besarnye.. then put in my car.. as usual went for malaysian studies.. CRYSTAL??HMS~~~bla bla bla.. haha.. then after that.. went to cafeteria.. sit down der.. talk talk talk .. all eating.. splitted into 2 tables... v talk talk talk.. then my table no 1 was eatin only Q der makan pasta.. haha tasted 1 of it.. taste like FLOUr only.. haha don taste good at all.. =\ all sit der talk talk talk.. at de end also neva finish da food.. left abit.. then go class.. after clas.. go down saw Q in cafeteria wif adrain.. see see.. so poor thing.. then call thm... but.. all run out jo =\ haihz.. always so bad neva wait for us 1.. haihz suan liao.. we went out der.. find dem.. haha.. dey love to find thos place which is hard to park de.. =\ haha.. but luckily can get 1 parking space.. so park der.. find dem makan.. when sit down order food nia.. all say wana go already.. haihz.. suan liao.. always liddat 1... suei nye... left 5of us on a taable KY brothers yilyn Q n me... haha... then v sit der talk talk talk.. food der quite nice.. haha.. after eatin.. went to 1U BOWLING time... ^_^ haha..long time no play ady... haha>.< play playplay... aiya.. so sia suei.. 1st time get so low.. haih.. sad nye... what to do.. haihz... suan liao...but at lease the 2nd round better abit.. haha.. felt so proud?? haha.. mayb.. but still.. must play more ady.. if not next time sure very siasuei again.. haihz..after bowling.. we went back.. 4of uz..left nicole n her fren william.. haha.. dey both training der... haha.. leme see.. went back..then go cafeteria.. Kyean went to makan.. all of us down der pui kyean&yilyn makan..haha.. after that went up to discussion room.. haha..went up der.. sit down der.. talk talk see see play play chat chat.. haha then nicole Q also come n join us.. haha all of us der talk talk play play chat chat see see listen listen haha... TIME FLYS.... 5ady lu.. all of us leave... haha then see see.. no wer to go .. so we go home.. haha.. send yilyn to jinjang.. then Go home... stil not havin my dinner yet =( hunger

Medicines & Friendships both cure problems. Only diff is dat friendshp donet have an expiry date, no price no dosage.


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