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Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's been a while

hahaha... for quite long.. never update my blog... hahhaha.. cuz i m very lazy to update the blog and this few week i will be busying again.. lots of assignments and report+ exams are coming soon.. this is bad..hhahaha er nothin much to update la actually.. just that mayb i have just lost my luck?? haha.. 26OcT got hit by a car... and my car dented.. damit... haha drive carefully la... y must knock me leh??? haihz.. don so bad.. learn to drive carefully everyone.. please? before that 26oct a haf met a few cases which is very dangerous..always expect me to stop infront and let u go? please... SAFETY FIRST ok? think about others.. don make me hit my break as hard as i can.. currently my break is not that good..and LADY!!! watch out.. give signal at lease for a few second before u turn?? and i wont look out for fingers dont make me mad on the road ok? thx... ok besides the car... erm.. went to spca this few week.. as part of my assign.. haha... lots of dogs and cats.. cute and adorable.. please adopt them... expecially puppies.. because the puppies will be terminated due to short of resources in SPCA and too many puppies are coming into SPCA every week.. please take care of the dogs...

One of the hardest part in life is deciding when to give up and when to try harder because not everything have a second chance...


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