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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Haha.. lets see... nothin much happened... ytd exam.. test 1... studied through the night... few hours... quite tired... wanted to sleep lay on bed turn left right left right.. cant sleep... until around 2.45 wakeup drink water... lay on bed wait till sleep.. thn next day... clas then exam.. haih... sad exam dono how to do.. cuz i don understan da clas...tried my best anyway... after exam went to MEASAT dono wad teleport and broadcast center or smth liddat.. haha.. inside there dam yeng.. can watch free astro! is like you have a whole wall of screen.. and then all mini mini de screen.. all the channel are showing.. so interesting.. but then da talk quite boring.. learn nth much lo.. cuz is not under my field.. more to telecommunication de... so walk walk walk... then come back.. rain.. sleep... too tired.. wakeup almost reach liao.. thn felt my shoulder uncomfortable cuz last night never sleep well.. go home around 7smth eat bath thn online... sit here... bla bla bla..


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