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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Real Name : -
Nickname : -
Married : -
Male/Female : m
High School : Sekolah Menengah Stella Maris
College :KDU.
Short/ Long Hair : short
Are u a health freak : notrealy
Height : 170gua

Like anyone Now? : stilsingl
Do u like yourself : hate...
Piercings : none
Righty of lefty : lefty


Surgery : erm...
Piercing : .....fOrgot..maybe 6years old?
Person u see in the morning : Myself in the mirrOr or maybe my mum whO sleep beside me..
Award : erm...nO idea..
Sport you joined : nearli all sport
Pet : dogs
Vacation : around the world
First crush : -


Eating: -
Drinking: water
I'm about to : finish this tag

Your future...

Want kids : ya
Want to get married: ya

Careers in mind: eng
Which is better?Lips or eyes?: lip and eye
Hugs or kisses: xoxo hugs and kisses
Shorter or taller?: taller
Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous

Sensitive or loud: loud
Troublemaker or hesitant?: both

Have u ever....

Kissed a stranger?: -
Drank bubbles: -
Lost glasses/contacts: - all broken

Ran away from home: -
liked someone younger: -
liked someone older: -

Broke someone's heart: broke my own heart
Cried when someone died: g'ma

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: nop
Miracles: hopefully
GodHeaven: hopefully
Santa Claus: hell no.. chrismas oso no present geh...
Magic: depends
Angels: if you show me.. i'll belif

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: alone
Do u believe in God?: -

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