A hug is a great gift,1 size fits all!! It can b given 4 any occasion & its easy 2 xchange: Yeha~ Holiday..


Monday, March 17, 2008

Yeha~ Holiday..

haha... Finally this day has arrive... Holiday~ haha... well... mayb i live everyday like a holiday.. this holiday meanz nth 2 me.. erm.. kinda boring ya kno surf da web, work , do nth.. wanted to update here quite some time.. but laziness hehe.. owite.. from now on i m gana update blog ^^ =) but probably not update picture, cuz owais givin me probs..*frustrated* haha.. everyday havin a movie marathon.. but movies seems to be so slow.. awaits for the movies.. =) haha....

This blog had changed in a few place hehe.. Try to look for it ^^ =0

auld lang syne which means old long-since or old long-ago.


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