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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BORING nye...

Haihz... Mornin wakeup go skul.. i grabbed 2 breads from kitchen.. went to college.. sit inside car.. eat bread for 30min.. =\ my tounge felt so numb... haha... mornin wakeup already felt that study mood on every1... so gloom... go up MS clas.. haha.. Nicole Charm and 1more.. forget who.. almost get YELLO CARD.. haha... SLIPPER FLY~~~ LAF LAF LAF.. haha... main main!... haha... after that... break.. haha all decided to go To McD.. but me canot =( so all da boys neva go.. haha..sory lar...haha went to makan wif dem..With xtra 1 gal.. G haha.. then go clas.. in da clas...er... nothin much happen.. study study.. haihz >.<>.< so instant.. haha... ok lu... haihz.... thn.. after clas.. went out wif da boys again.. haha this time go eat lunch.. haha they all 1 more hour to the death.. haha go out wit dem help them release stress abit.. haha v talk talk talk there.. then go back.... sit library... haha.. NO MORE LIBRARY.. change to resource centre d lu.. haha...mayb sound better that way? haha.. a few "Guai Lou"went there.. V-Deo cam there.. haha see see here n there.. then inside der.. 1 hour.. haha... kinda bored.. =\ after that.. they all survived from the DEATH(exam).. all come out.. haha.. then we.. go CENDOL.. haha actually yum cha de.. haha.. then makan makan.. afta dat.. i go back to college dey all went to CC.. and then went resource centre.. haha.. after My clas.. we went to talk talk talk in resource centre.. haha.. until 6 only go HOme.. haha.. what a day.. KEEP ON eat eat eat nia.. haha..

How long will we be friends..?? let me see.. as long as stars twinkle in the sky.. as long as angels are there up high... till the ocean run and... till the day i die


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