A hug is a great gift,1 size fits all!! It can b given 4 any occasion & its easy 2 xchange: =d(~_~)b= Haihz..... =d(~_~)b=


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

=d(~_~)b= Haihz..... =d(~_~)b=

another essay again.. haha.. mornin wakeup go skul.... bla bla bla... sit talk talk chat in clas.. talk talk play play... 9o'clock++ come out haha.. 3rd time coming out of her clas so earli.. haha.. haihz.. bad thing also cuz i will have to wait until 2 before next class which is around 5hours... haihz.. these hours is not so easy to pass.. =( haihz... after clas we went out to makan as usual.. sit down der makan.. then talk then go cyber... haihz... then after cyber went out to meet thm.. haihz.. whn goin in 2 col saw a few "Galz".... haha...then i continue go in until audi.. haha.. saw them talk talk then go makan again.. haha.. eat eat eat... then all decided to go Cyber again... haha.. haih go again.. go there all play war craft.. WALAU! i so cha.. =( haihz.. too long never play ady.. all my brain Rusted.. haihz.. sad nye... after da game.. v left and all splitted... cuz me got clas n 2fela nid to take bus.. so *gok zi gok fei* went back to college.. haihz study... felt soo doom.. haihz...study study.. english clas.. >.<>.< haihz....then break go out sit a while go back in.. then study study... after that finish clas.. went to sit around college.. Go cafeteria and 1 stop sit.. until 6 only go home....

BORING NYE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >.< haihz

XXXX can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.


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