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Thursday, July 05, 2007

WHohoho~~ haha Transformer

leme see.. monday... erm... go college got lab work to do.. do do do.. head wanna burst canot get result!!! geram nye.. hahhaa... then go for late lunch... afta dat dono wda jo....
tuesday... wakeup earli go college again quiz for english.. heh..
wednesday.. bloody ediot wake all of us up in the mornin.... 6.30in the morning.. just for dono what stupid idiot class maths.... i dam geram..!!! pissed off!! i guess every1 in the engineering department also hate that fela cuz that fela earlie morning adi wake us up.. i drove to john's hse then go william's hse.. haha... then wake him up.. then 4of us sit SLK go to makan.. then go clas then go makan.. haha.. then erm.. play basketball.. then go home.. haha


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