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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The ESSAY.. haha... soooooooo long.. 1week blog

haha.. long time no update lor.. leme see.. lets start from.. 02Jun.. as u all see.. strawberry on da drawing board...in malaysia oni have 1 place have strawberrry... famous de...haha don nid to guess bah.. haha.. k la.. saturday went to cameroon highland.. haha... go updere to pray.. the day updere was fun.. my uncle bring us to his farm.. haha so fun.. then we went to the real strawberry farm.. the owner so kind let us plug n eat =D haha.. we had alot of strawberrys.. but all eat there neva bring back... standing behind the land rover.. fuiyoh~~ feeling the cool breeze... nice nice.. haha every time go there also liddat.. haha very yeng.... haha.. v have around 10ppl behind the landrover.. hehe... super driver(my uncle) haha make us have a fun ride.. thx... then night time very cold.. next day wakeup freezin.. thn... erm... 03Jun.. wakeup earli morning.. freezin.. erm erm erm.. go down kampar to pray.. then go back to KL hehe.. while my mum n dad went to PP.. i wanted to go but... haihz..wana go skul so i neva go... go home as usual sleep eat play.. end of the day.. monday.. go skul erm.. i think nothin much happen.. haha if wana know wad hapen go see KDU frenz blog lor.. haha i also forget jo.. tuesday.. same same.. wednesday.. morning go KDU... erm erm erm... talk talk then go comp lab.. play computer.. haha.. after that we go out makan.. erm... then study until 6.. finish... thursday.. erm... mornin go skul.. then afternoon went out to makan.. haha... i think we went out to 1 strange cafe.. dono call wad name.. haha that y is strange.. at ss2.. 1 strange thing is that... the shop don have service charge n gov charge.. haha.. eat wif romeo,juliet,ky,ky n me.. haha actually no romeo ther.. haha.. went there makan.. RM6.. erm.. after that we went McD eat ice-cream.. haha then went back to d college... then find Q sit down der.. talk talk talk .. then see she makan.. then 1 weird fela come sit down n talk.. haha.. i dono wad his name also.. but i know him from the morning breakfast crew.. haha... erm.. then... Q was dam fedup.. she started scolding whn he went to buy some things to drink.. !@*#&!@^$*&#^%$*%&*^@#$&*%^... haha.. then he come back sit down talk talk talk.. then Q say change place.. haha then we go out...to 1stop center there tlak talk talk talk talk.. then 5.30 she go back wif da bus.. then all come out.. n ttalk talk talk.. dono forget whn jo don think is dat day... then stef n cloe n char stil in coll wanted to attend the xtra clas.. haha ask v all to join.. then stay outside da clas while we put 2 white mice go in which is stef n cloe.. others outside sayin wna go in don wna go in.. haha... at last we went to the other room n sit down.. haha.. me char KYew.. talk talk talk talk.. until 630 liddat... while she wait for her dad come n fetch.. erm erm erm.. then friday jo hor.. haha happy day.. erm friday.. MS class.. "Vli, i tot u are suppose to look after them??" "U r so close..... to get a yellow card" then after ms.. sit down at cafe..drink milo kosong ice.. haha.. then me n KYs < (2 of them)then... go clas.. so dead.. english test1.. haihz.. my head so blank n blur.. suan liaoz.. dododo.. dono how to do .. then english midterm.. haihz =( sad..low mark.. haihz =( after class.. we went out to "CHOP" haha.. tmn megah... hahah... sit Juliet's car.. haha.. 1st time?haha.. erm thn continue.. eat eat eat talk talk talk.. erm... after that...go back college... nothin 2 do then we sit down.. thn suddenly Potato come then we decided to go his house play ping pong.. then we der play play talk talk.. since around 2~4.45.. we left go to TMN megah play badminton actually suppose to play footsal.. but cancel... we play badminton until 6.20 liddat then sit down der talk talk talk until 6.40 then go back i send kaiyean back to his house.. sunway... around 7++8 liddat reach college.. then go home.. very tired sleep jo.. then today... erm... nothin much happen.. mornin go work.. then afternoon come back very tired sleep jo.. then wakeup until now still haven go dinner yet.. haihz.. still waiting waiting.. >.< haihz.. erm.. thats all 1st lah.. next time only update again

This is your life and it might be ending one minute at a time... wad will you do??


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