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Friday, May 11, 2007

Spidey Sense...

Haha.. morning wakeup... go skul..haha.. then early morning go study study.. cuz last night neva study.. hehe>.< write jo blog dono y missing d.. haihz... =(.. now rewrite....... dooms day coming.. haihz... sob sob .. poor thing.. erm.. leme see...err.. mornin go inside.. crystal crystal why why why... clas... haha so boring.. inside der.... nothin much happen.. then break went to cafeteria eat bread.. *not very nice* after that went to audi.. find my name.. no name.. find mr.nicholas.. mr.nicholas come.. put name list.. i suppose to sit G20.. but he gimmi H1.. haihz.. sob sob... so swei.. haha....er... inside der.. head blank.. dono how to do.. did badly.. erm... bad bad bad... haih.. finally finish.. thn mr nicholas come... ask me finish a not.. haha i say ya.. then he just take away my whole paper... haha...so freedom... haha went outside play play talk talk talk.. haha..... then wait dem.. go 1U.. haha.. wait wait wait... then go.. rush der.. seee see.. all still not der yet.. =\ haha... wu liao... go ther talk talk talk.. buy ticket.. jeremy didn't buy mine,kaiyean,yilyn,kahou,and nicole lee... so we go buy ticket.. yilyn neva brin studen card.. so we buy ticket 4 then forget yilyn.. then nicol lee.. say u dare to jump Q? v say.. u go jump lah.. u gal ma sure no problem.. she went to ask.. dat fela giv her.. go until counter.. they say the movie ady close.. neva sell jo.. so we acted very rush go inside cinema.. haha.. using 3 ticket 4person go in.. haha....inside da spiderman movie.. every1 Laugh.. haha.. then play inside der... Pull shoe leg..., throw things and kick chair.. haha.. a war.... throw the bottle, throw 1901, throw popcorn.. haha... then play play play .. movie over... haha.. went out.. 2 fela missing.. soof n charm... afta dat...we went to makan.. walk walk walk.. go walau.. stop fish&(co or dono what thing).. so expensif.. haha no budget.. haihz.. so they all eat der.. then others go McD... anna n da gang went to shopping.. haha.. we makan makan.. talk talk talk.. then go back.. saw them.. then send kaiyean go taman bahagia... go back then jam.. use small road.. come out kelana...haha thats wer kaiyean wanted to go.. haha sorry... then went back to college for yilyn.he wanteed sit jeremy's car go home.. after that go back home.. haha

suppose to be a very very very long de blog.. but... sot jo.. so now become so shor.. haihz.... haha 1 reminder... Nicole Lee.. You took my RM10 n haven gimi back woh.. =( haihz... cham...



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