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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WAD a day.....

Morning wakeup!!!~~ haha.. realise that forget to set my alarmclock later... so around 630 wakeup.. class at 11... haha.. forget jo.. so bler.. >.< haha.. nvm go college lo... 7++ reach skul.. haha so boring there...so decided to sleep in car.. haha... zzzzzzzz.. until around 7.45 then go find da Buddy... haha.. go there.. sit sit see "Asap" coming out.. after that we go library.. haha decided to study.. haha study study... haha.. got lar.. abit abit..hehe.. after dat kok yew come.. then i go talk to chris a while.. then talk talk walk walk here n there.. at de end study around 1hour nia.. haha out of so many hours... study like neva study liddat.. haihz suan liao.. 10++ go out makan.. haha... The Sky is so GLoom since da morning water from da sky neva wanted to stop went to the shop.. eat bread.. then go back college class.. The clas is so slo.. tick tick tick tick haihz.. y always da clas time is so slo.. i dono y.. study study study... then FREEDOM~~!!haha went out of clas go car put thing take thing.. went out... LUnCh time.. on da way for food.. saw 3boys which get left out by some1 so bad.. haihz.. poor da 3 fela... so we ajak dem go sit and makan.. haha.. 1felar went back.. left 2 of them.. eat eat eat...talk talk talk then times up... go back to college.. have clas again... haihz.. today went to lab do project... haha... AM~~~~ draw waveform..sit down play play.. then clas over.. after that rush down get my file from car again then rush up.. clas... clas until halfway.. I realised that my mechanical pencil Lost.. then i go borrow pencil.. after draw draw.. then i realised that my eraser also gone!!.. OMG i m SOOOOOOOO bler.. haihz.. then teacher talk talk talk.. i don understand.. and the class all like bler ady.. dono what he talking.. so i also went fishing.. haha.. after that breawk~~!! happy.. went down look for my pencil.. haha lucky i found my buddies.. aha.. both of them are back =) went back up talk talk awhile then clas.. afta dat...ermm ermm.. continue clas.. then end.. Then go back home.. Exam approaching.. but i dono wad to study :( haihz.. cham lor...

' \ `\
}\/ ~~ o\
}/\ )) _ }
, / /`. /`


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