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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Mornin wakeup go coll.. then breakfast... then MS.. crystal?? erm... change jo... If u challenge the constitution you will go to sungai buloh for so long.. and by the time you come out your motha wouldn't even reconize u... haha... after 1hour of ms.. went out to BK... then eat eat eat drink drink drink talk talk talk.. then go back... then all got clas... me go cyber watch ppl play.. afta dat.. go library.. then go out... with Big Bro... eat chop.. yummie haha... 2nd time at tmn megah.. haha.. after that went to cyber for 2 hour.. play dota.. rain heavy.. canot go back.. went to yu yee.. sit down talk talk talk.. then go tmn megah play badminton n footsal.. =\ haha.. come back tired.. >.< sleep like a pig..


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