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Monday, July 09, 2007

haha.. Die Hard 4.0 =D

haha... Friday.. after class... figure out that nth 2 do.. so went to eat at ming tien.. then kyean says that his sim got blocked... so nid to go maxis center.. so we went to 1U... after everything.. in 1 U that fela says that need to go maxis service center.. afta dat went to call nicol.. then dey say dey at 1U wanna watch movi.. so we wanna join thm hahha.. they wan to watch transformer.. which yesterday watch jo.. fortunately no space.. so we went to watch DIE HARD 4.0 hahaha
That boy soooooooooo yeng.. haha drive car can take down the helicopter... drive truck can kill an F-35.. hahaha yeng ah!! hhhahaha.....
hmm... er..sat n sunday... nth much

monday.. erm...o ya.. exam !!! :'( haihz... sad... haih in da exam hall cold like hell.. haihhz... cham.. then went inside formulae pop up.. but dono how to do.. haihz.. sad.... so nid to pray hard.. haha.. afta exam we went to 1U makan pizza.. then afta dat nothin 2 do so we went to pool n foosball.. haha.. afta dat go back home... then i m very tired.. sleep until 7... when i wakeup i tot it is the second day which meanz i sleep for 14hours... i was like.. S**T exam... wth i haven read anything and i over slept until the next morning.... when i see my date... then i realise is still monday =D hahaha.. m so bler... hahaha...

My heart problem has reached a critical stage that doctor says there are only 2 options left....i.c.u or ...............u c me.


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