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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Whee~~~ + Bored + Tragedic

hahaha... this few week.. nth much happen.. just finish presentation.. comin up another presentation.. haihz.. cham.. so many work.. so lazy to do.. haha.. erm leme see.. everyday go coll makan study makan study go home sleep.. thatz all.. this friday.. so bored.. night time went out wif fren makan dinner.. after dinner went home.. while goin home after fetching my frenz home... while turning a corner... i saw spark.. OMG!! a motorbicycle fell down right infron of me... jammed my break luckily behind no car... or else that stupid biker make me lost my license...FOR KILLing the protected "animal" and for some 1 which is another protected "animal" for kissing my kangaroo.. well still very lucky.. went home.. er.. bored bored bored..had my hair cut.. went to find cyber around my area.. and i found out.. almost none near my place... mayb i search wrongly...

I think i need to call myself helium because that is the lightest gas known.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


ahahaha... since so long neva update blog.. so hav to update... =) erm ok... lets start... ok everyday go skul study study go home... getting crazy.. the homework... the lectures driving me crazy... the ammount of +-*/tansincos and xyzabcj is running around my head until crazy... omg!!!! ok... blogs end... cuz dono wad to write.. getting bored this feel days going crazy soon... ahhh~~~.. wanted to watch alot of movi... but.. no time haihz.. sad.. this few day de trafic is getting crazy.. omg.. haihz....

to be continued...