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Sunday, July 29, 2007


after all the weeks of waiting.. 28th finally arrive.. as usual morning went to work.. then until afternoon went back.. but this time i went back earlier... hehe.. as my beloved friend wanted to have party in my house =) after soooooo long.. never see you all kinda miss alllllllll of u =) rush here n there.. buy this n that.. finally relax. .then every1 arrrived.. =) v had fun.. play play talk talk riding bicycle playing basketball talking.. taking picture and so on.. alot of thing.. and the Comment? haha.. thank you every 1 for having such a party.. although not everyone from the class arrive but there is a good number of people.. i hope that next time will be more organized cuz i dono who is coming n howmany person is coming and who bring what ever thing.. so there is still alot of beehoon haha.. which is bad.. i think is a waste of food.. beehoon can put outside my house n sell for mayb another RM40.. haha... thatz alot.. anyway thankx my fren =) you all had done a great job.. had alot of fun.. =)

sorry cuz i cant upload the picture... i dono y keep on error.. so i decided not to upload =)


thankz my fren =)

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save but not every thing that is able to turn back time.. appriciate every moment that is given to you every day,hour,min,and sec..

Another forgetfull blog...

so i willl just copy this information from other ppl blog.. haha =) erm ok?? hehee

soo sry that we celebrate it so late.

Went to Wong Kok to celebrate chris's birthday.
Gave him a surprise.. hehe..

They choose him a birthday cake and a wallet.

cake cake cake~!
Eat Eat Eat~!!
havent blow candle tim...
Toooooo exited liao.

After celebrate his birthday we went to watch Dead Silence.
One word to describe this movie.
BORING!not nice at all.. not even scary.. XD

Copy From Nicol =) n edited my me of course

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Days Of Solid and None Solid Ground

hehe... lets see... start from.. erm sunday.. hehe =D orite orite.. hehe pack things.. then start evening la.. ok? hehe not ok also have to ok cuz i forget d.. hehe... erm.. evening went dinner hehe steamboat again.. haha =D so nice.. but this week eat more than 1time ady.. so kinda bored.. and the happy thing is that DURIAN~~ yum yum.. haha eat eat eat.. after that go dinner.. halfway dinner went to take my things at home...then sis send me to the station haha.. reach station.. see no ppl there.. haha so lousy.. always liddat say meet 8.30 but all missing.. suan liaoz.. haha.. at d end we run run run run~~~ hahaha.. find for bus.. haha yeng~~ haha whole world see we all run.. haha okok... went up da bus.. hehe.. find a seat.. duduk.... haha then we talk talk talk... then talk talk talk.. erm... rest.. then rest then talk play talk rest talk play talk rest... alot lah... haha.. just talk play n rest oni la... then we finally reach the place to stop.. hehe nice can go down of da bus so happy.. haha we went to super toilet.. haha so yeng.. OPEN AIR... NO LIGHT.. haihz dono wad toilet is dat.. summore need to pay 20cent crazy!! went to buy something eat.. then go back up bus sleep eat play.. haha..

Earli morning reach d... went to take a van Vrooomm~~~~~reach until da restaurant.. Lucky restaurant.. haha that place also very yeng.. haha ppl haven even started business yet.. haha.. at there eat beehoon mee nasi lemak.. i chose nasilemak.. haha not that nice though... haha.. afta dat.. went up to da boat.. vROOOo~~~~~~~~~~~~~groogroo~~~~ then reach jo.. put our bag in da challet/room dono wad dey all wad eva la.. then rest rest.. haha...afta dat... went to eat then go out to da sea~~~~
VRooo again.. haha...VROo~~~~~ ok reach ady... teach us how to use da EQ n so on... then bring us out to sea... VRoo again.. VROO~~~~~ reach snorkeling site.. we went into da water.. haha just keep swimmin just keep swimmin..~~~ bloop bloop~~~ haha very nice... then we went here n there vroo here n there every where.. drink sea water..

*remark* SOME1 wanted to pee.. haha tahan for soooooooooo long until ............. he canot tahan.. haha..

after every thing we went for the "HOT" water bath.. haha fun fun.. sooooooo HOT until... u shiver.. haha but quite nice.. haha...

Type Of Animal n coral of what i know... :"the coral, the fish, rainbow trout, nemo, turtle, sea weed.. haha and so on.. dono how to say.. just very nice lah~~.. ok.. next...
erm o ya dinner eat.. dono what.. then after eat we went back to room.. play cards.. haha.. FUN~~ KAPAK KAPAK.. BANG BANG BANG... WAHAHAHAHAH...Ahhh!!!... haha dats just all the sound... we played "kam min toi"(snap),heart attack,turtle...(chris,nicole, and charmaine) we got 3 turtles haha afta dat.. dey went back to their room.. erm.. so i went to borro phone.. play LEMONADE tycoon haha.. my only entertainment except my MP3 player.. cuz there got no phone line... we need to go until the beach there oni got line.. yeng~~ haha....play until around 12.. i went to sleep... while others slept ady.. haha..

Day 2
earli in da morning went to eat... sit there 30min drink tea n coffee oni.. haha poor thing.. luckily got serve some food later on.. which is sweet YI min.. keropok and cucumber haha...afta dat.. went to sea again.. Vroo~~~~ go out sea again.. haha... went to redang island... shopping.. went to buy some souveniors.. but unfortunately nth 2 buy.. haha so simply buy abit.. hehe.. afta dat went to swim swim.. again.. vroo~~ all the thing same same de la.. haha just keep swimmin lo...
night time as usual quite bored..this time went to walk around the beach during the night after our BBQ dinner.. walk to arwana... walk back.. walk here walk there.. then talk talk talk laf laf laf... haha... AH Long says: wa u all walk until where also so loud 1... haha... arwana so nice.. got swimmin pool~~~ cool man.. haha.. ok.. next... night time play cards again.. haha then... sleep

Day 3 (going back)
earli in da morning heard :"IT Exam it exam it exam it exam wakeup!!!" haha.. chris de wakeup tone.. haha so special.. haha and then.. leme see.. o ya... wakeup d wash up then go eat breakfast which is beehoon.. haha and the same side dish.. this time KOPI KAO KAO.. haha.. then go on boat.. VROO~~~ byebye.... P.Perhentian and his fellow fren.. =) haha i miss da fun time.. went to boat sit vroo~~ go back jeti(jeteh) orite.. pay money.. then sit bus.. ~~ boring bus.. sit for so long..inside the bus listen MP3 player talk talk talk.. eat eat eat.. thats all... then lunch at 1.30pm++ which is no lunch..cuz got nth nice to eat.. haha so we went to buy some snacks then we eat in da bus while going back to KL.. =D afta dat go home.. hehe...


LONG LONG BLOG(BROKEN Essay Blog).. hahaha

More TO BE Updated .. MAyb searching for my memories...

Monday, July 16, 2007


WAhahahaha.. last night cant sleep.. cuz too sked.. exam.. >.<>.<>.< haha ="D">.< hahaha.. then go home..

Friday, July 13, 2007


tuesday... er.. maths...hahaha... after 11.30 i freedom!!! wahahaha... went crazy for the whole day... hahahaha =D >.< omg!! hahaha.. seriously crazy... play cs..... erm... bla bla bla... haha hamster? turtle?? hahaha... fun!!!... k... wednesday.. erm.. morning go study study.. then play play play play.. then thursday.. morning wan go study.. then we study.. hehe =) 15min.. then play play play~~~until 9++ haha got study a while lah.. hehe.. then HELP!!!!! study study.... erm... study study.. hehe =) thankx "G" helpz me alot haha..tq... =) go home... study study...~~ then on movie... sleep until this morning.. haha... morning go hse no.2 haha then see see no ppl go makan.. then go back yey.. got pintu masuk.. go inside study study.. then getting more n more ppl.. haha getting more n more car...canot study... go play CS again... hahaha... yey...then study then cs.. then go makan... haha afta dat... exam... erm... exam jo lei... go so called "basketball" go until there... haha got nth.. =\ then drink limau kosong ice... haha.. then go McD drive through then go back KDU.. haha.. then go back hse no.2.. then go play basketball.. this time real.. haha.. afta basketbal..go back.. sit down very tired... haha.. then.. makan.. william... soooooooooooooooooooo EXPENSIF!!.. haha crazy.. eat like TGI Friday.. drink like restaurant.. haha.. erm... then tired.. afta dat go home =) hehehe... .. now back nth 2 do blog blog.. FINISH....

When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another

Monday, July 09, 2007

haha.. Die Hard 4.0 =D

haha... Friday.. after class... figure out that nth 2 do.. so went to eat at ming tien.. then kyean says that his sim got blocked... so nid to go maxis center.. so we went to 1U... after everything.. in 1 U that fela says that need to go maxis service center.. afta dat went to call nicol.. then dey say dey at 1U wanna watch movi.. so we wanna join thm hahha.. they wan to watch transformer.. which yesterday watch jo.. fortunately no space.. so we went to watch DIE HARD 4.0 hahaha
That boy soooooooooo yeng.. haha drive car can take down the helicopter... drive truck can kill an F-35.. hahaha yeng ah!! hhhahaha.....
hmm... er..sat n sunday... nth much

monday.. erm...o ya.. exam !!! :'( haihz... sad... haih in da exam hall cold like hell.. haihhz... cham.. then went inside formulae pop up.. but dono how to do.. haihz.. sad.... so nid to pray hard.. haha.. afta exam we went to 1U makan pizza.. then afta dat nothin 2 do so we went to pool n foosball.. haha.. afta dat go back home... then i m very tired.. sleep until 7... when i wakeup i tot it is the second day which meanz i sleep for 14hours... i was like.. S**T exam... wth i haven read anything and i over slept until the next morning.... when i see my date... then i realise is still monday =D hahaha.. m so bler... hahaha...

My heart problem has reached a critical stage that doctor says there are only 2 options left....i.c.u or ...............u c me.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today went to OU
KokYew,Kaiyean,Charmaine,Soofrine,Nicole & I
our drinks for our lunch.. haha..
nice show i can say.
Edited by: Nicole Wong

WHohoho~~ haha Transformer

leme see.. monday... erm... go college got lab work to do.. do do do.. head wanna burst canot get result!!! geram nye.. hahhaa... then go for late lunch... afta dat dono wda jo....
tuesday... wakeup earli go college again quiz for english.. heh..
wednesday.. bloody ediot wake all of us up in the mornin.... 6.30in the morning.. just for dono what stupid idiot class maths.... i dam geram..!!! pissed off!! i guess every1 in the engineering department also hate that fela cuz that fela earlie morning adi wake us up.. i drove to john's hse then go william's hse.. haha... then wake him up.. then 4of us sit SLK go to makan.. then go clas then go makan.. haha.. then erm.. play basketball.. then go home.. haha

Sunday, July 01, 2007


erm... nth much happen also haha...wed.. study.. thursday.. finish clas earli.. er... so we went out lo.. haha.. erm... went atria der.. mamak.... digital mall... walk walk walk.. then go back coll...then cendol... then talk talk then go home jo lor... haha =) er... dats all.. friday.. bored lor.. go coll study study.. then go chicken maryland.. then go tmn megah badminton.... er... datz all.. go coll thn go home... sat..mornin 4++ wakeup... go work.. at sunway lagoon... dat stupid fela don even giv a bottle of water... MOTHER!!!! under the hot sun.... sitting down... after finishing 1whole lorry of equipments... then put back up don even get a bottle of water !!!! u arse... work until 3 then go back.. 5++ too tired.. went sleep .. then night time wakeup go celebrate cousin bday.. eat again.. haha.. =) er... datz all.. just came back.. dawmn tired.. >.<