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Saturday, February 16, 2008

DOng dong chiang dong dong chiang

whoopi...dong dong chiang... hehe.. 1 year over liao lu~ finally after so many years can go out of ma country hehe... so happy.. owite... fastfoward bought present for frenz.... give bday present.... erm.. study.. haha.. test >.<>.< k.... boring whole week.. tadaa.. thatz all... nothin much...

Things to learn : Keep myself forgetful and numb

Life is like a Balloon, hard to inflate easy to deflate

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tadaa... Headache...

Friday, went to college..... study study!! exam.... hehe... after exam.. went to hand in assignment then go for club meeting after meeting all went everywhere.. me and my fren went 1U cuz he wana buy his shoe.. walk so so long he canot find his shoe that he wanted cuz ady out of stock. then go back college play ping pong.. then go home.. after that eat.. then go Maison... got drunked cuz of this cup
Mix the 5 whites and 2 whiskies in a beer mug in equal amounts. Top up the rest of the mug with half beer and half stout. WARNING: Very strong stuff. Do NOT attempt to drink it if you're not a good drinker. You'll be sending yourself to your own graveyard, thus the name of the drink.
Serve in "Beer Mug " Garnish: No
Ingredients: orange liqueur (cointreau, grand marnier...). stout. high proof rum. vodka. gin. tequila. whisky (whiskey,Bourbon...). whisky (whiskey,Bourbon...). beer (lager).

this cup of thing is called the graveyard and it is dam strong stout.. after this cup i went dizzy for the whole morning.. after that send fren go home thn i go home change shirt then lying on ma bed zzz till morning 11am.. Slept LIKE A LOG.
sorry no picture yet.. haha

Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open