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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IceCream War... >.< haha

yesterday.. nothin much to do morning go coll while holiday.. haha morning go study study.. haha... then do assignment.. after that we go out cari makan... went to tmn megah eat.. centerpoint eat... >.<>.<>.<>.< =\ sian

Life must be lived as play

Sunday, May 27, 2007


leme see... yesterday... go coll study crystal.. haha.. then eng then go out.. haha... nothin 2 do at college =\ so bored... after coll went out wif OSFren to TS then we play there talk talk walk walk.. haha every1 seems to be the same i think mayb i change ady.. haha... everyone say i growing round ady... haihz.. sob sob.. haha... then the day ends.... next day..*saturdae* morning wakeup go work... haihz.. work work work... afta work go back home.. tired... then take a nap... afta napping... went out wif Col fren.... (Saga,Rempit,H Dai Kor&win's son) haha... went to eat the so called Super DUper *Mee*.. but... seems to be the same.. haha.. bored... afta eatin we talk talk then go Cyber.. haihz.. in cyber sad things happen.. i used a melee hero n got pawned until mother also canot reconize... haha... haihz.. k la 12.28.. end... continue next time =-_^=

"Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest."-Charles Dickens -

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Haha.. Long time no update... update.update.. leme see.. friday went camp.. sunday come back very tired.. in da camp alot of things happen haha.. leme see... dono where to start from.. haha the food there quite nice except not much of meat.. haha.. house nice... 8person in 1 room.. haha got room don 1 2 go sleep all go cram together.. haha... activities.. er....alot lar.. >.

Little Heart Can Drive Ten Thousand Years Of Boat... Must learn to drive slowly... >.<

Friday, May 18, 2007

haha... ^_^

haha... today...morning go skul.. wakeup so earli... alarm not even ring yet.. =\ haha.. get out of my bed.. lazying... =\ haihz.. go coll.. when i reach there.. the parking lot outside college sooo empty.. haha.. went to park outside.. today is the 1st day... THURSDAY having clas until 12PM.. haha... =D happy nye... haha... class class clas... yey... freedom.. haha went to winson house.. sit der talk talk talk.... then we go out watch BLADES OF GLORY.. haha funny like hell.. the whole cinema laf n laf n laf.. haha... those ppl that go.. will know.. haha... after dat.. we went back to coll sit down at cafeteria yum cha.. and talk n talk n talk.. haha... got nothin 2 do.. haha so fast ady 6pm.. go home lu.. haha vrooom vroomm.... today traffic so smooth at 6pm.. but so jam 5pm.. dono y.. haha... lucky go home late ^_^ haha.. my day end here... tomoro trip.. will update when sundae/monday.. haha depends.. haha...

A Promise is a promise... U break it, you pay for it.. Do not break promises...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bored... Goin Crazy... OMG~ >.< faint

haha... nothin much happen this few day.. only a few fren went away to ipoh....haha...erm.. nothin much lu...haha... bored bored bored... tired... haihz... this few day activity nothin much... haha.. wahaha.. hehe hoho huuu huuu.. d(~_~)b moodless nye.. haihz... >.<

There Were Times You Make Me Cry... Looking 4 A Reason Why... There Were Times You Make Me Fly...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Spidey Sense...

Haha.. morning wakeup... go skul..haha.. then early morning go study study.. cuz last night neva study.. hehe>.< write jo blog dono y missing d.. haihz... =(.. now rewrite....... dooms day coming.. haihz... sob sob .. poor thing.. erm.. leme see...err.. mornin go inside.. crystal crystal why why why... clas... haha so boring.. inside der.... nothin much happen.. then break went to cafeteria eat bread.. *not very nice* after that went to audi.. find my name.. no name.. find mr.nicholas.. mr.nicholas come.. put name list.. i suppose to sit G20.. but he gimmi H1.. haihz.. sob sob... so swei.. haha....er... inside der.. head blank.. dono how to do.. did badly.. erm... bad bad bad... haih.. finally finish.. thn mr nicholas come... ask me finish a not.. haha i say ya.. then he just take away my whole paper... haha...so freedom... haha went outside play play talk talk talk.. haha..... then wait dem.. go 1U.. haha.. wait wait wait... then go.. rush der.. seee see.. all still not der yet.. =\ haha... wu liao... go ther talk talk talk.. buy ticket.. jeremy didn't buy mine,kaiyean,yilyn,kahou,and nicole lee... so we go buy ticket.. yilyn neva brin studen card.. so we buy ticket 4 then forget yilyn.. then nicol lee.. say u dare to jump Q? v say.. u go jump lah.. u gal ma sure no problem.. she went to ask.. dat fela giv her.. go until counter.. they say the movie ady close.. neva sell jo.. so we acted very rush go inside cinema.. haha.. using 3 ticket 4person go in.. haha....inside da spiderman movie.. every1 Laugh.. haha.. then play inside der... Pull shoe leg..., throw things and kick chair.. haha.. a war.... throw the bottle, throw 1901, throw popcorn.. haha... then play play play .. movie over... haha.. went out.. 2 fela missing.. soof n charm... afta dat...we went to makan.. walk walk walk.. go walau.. stop fish&(co or dono what thing).. so expensif.. haha no budget.. haihz.. so they all eat der.. then others go McD... anna n da gang went to shopping.. haha.. we makan makan.. talk talk talk.. then go back.. saw them.. then send kaiyean go taman bahagia... go back then jam.. use small road.. come out kelana...haha thats wer kaiyean wanted to go.. haha sorry... then went back to college for yilyn.he wanteed sit jeremy's car go home.. after that go back home.. haha

suppose to be a very very very long de blog.. but... sot jo.. so now become so shor.. haihz.... haha 1 reminder... Nicole Lee.. You took my RM10 n haven gimi back woh.. =( haihz... cham...


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WAD a day.....

Morning wakeup!!!~~ haha.. realise that forget to set my alarmclock later... so around 630 wakeup.. class at 11... haha.. forget jo.. so bler.. >.< haha.. nvm go college lo... 7++ reach skul.. haha so boring there...so decided to sleep in car.. haha... zzzzzzzz.. until around 7.45 then go find da Buddy... haha.. go there.. sit sit see "Asap" coming out.. after that we go library.. haha decided to study.. haha study study... haha.. got lar.. abit abit..hehe.. after dat kok yew come.. then i go talk to chris a while.. then talk talk walk walk here n there.. at de end study around 1hour nia.. haha out of so many hours... study like neva study liddat.. haihz suan liao.. 10++ go out makan.. haha... The Sky is so GLoom since da morning water from da sky neva wanted to stop went to the shop.. eat bread.. then go back college class.. The clas is so slo.. tick tick tick tick haihz.. y always da clas time is so slo.. i dono y.. study study study... then FREEDOM~~!!haha went out of clas go car put thing take thing.. went out... LUnCh time.. on da way for food.. saw 3boys which get left out by some1 so bad.. haihz.. poor da 3 fela... so we ajak dem go sit and makan.. haha.. 1felar went back.. left 2 of them.. eat eat eat...talk talk talk then times up... go back to college.. have clas again... haihz.. today went to lab do project... haha... AM~~~~ draw waveform..sit down play play.. then clas over.. after that rush down get my file from car again then rush up.. clas... clas until halfway.. I realised that my mechanical pencil Lost.. then i go borrow pencil.. after draw draw.. then i realised that my eraser also gone!!.. OMG i m SOOOOOOOO bler.. haihz.. then teacher talk talk talk.. i don understand.. and the class all like bler ady.. dono what he talking.. so i also went fishing.. haha.. after that breawk~~!! happy.. went down look for my pencil.. haha lucky i found my buddies.. aha.. both of them are back =) went back up talk talk awhile then clas.. afta dat...ermm ermm.. continue clas.. then end.. Then go back home.. Exam approaching.. but i dono wad to study :( haihz.. cham lor...

' \ `\
}\/ ~~ o\
}/\ )) _ }
, / /`. /`

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

=d(~_~)b= Haihz..... =d(~_~)b=

another essay again.. haha.. mornin wakeup go skul.... bla bla bla... sit talk talk chat in clas.. talk talk play play... 9o'clock++ come out haha.. 3rd time coming out of her clas so earli.. haha.. haihz.. bad thing also cuz i will have to wait until 2 before next class which is around 5hours... haihz.. these hours is not so easy to pass.. =( haihz... after clas we went out to makan as usual.. sit down der makan.. then talk then go cyber... haihz... then after cyber went out to meet thm.. haihz.. whn goin in 2 col saw a few "Galz".... haha...then i continue go in until audi.. haha.. saw them talk talk then go makan again.. haha.. eat eat eat... then all decided to go Cyber again... haha.. haih go again.. go there all play war craft.. WALAU! i so cha.. =( haihz.. too long never play ady.. all my brain Rusted.. haihz.. sad nye... after da game.. v left and all splitted... cuz me got clas n 2fela nid to take bus.. so *gok zi gok fei* went back to college.. haihz study... felt soo doom.. haihz...study study.. english clas.. >.<>.< haihz....then break go out sit a while go back in.. then study study... after that finish clas.. went to sit around college.. Go cafeteria and 1 stop sit.. until 6 only go home....

BORING NYE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >.< haihz

XXXX can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.

BORING nye...

Haihz... Mornin wakeup go skul.. i grabbed 2 breads from kitchen.. went to college.. sit inside car.. eat bread for 30min.. =\ my tounge felt so numb... haha... mornin wakeup already felt that study mood on every1... so gloom... go up MS clas.. haha.. Nicole Charm and 1more.. forget who.. almost get YELLO CARD.. haha... SLIPPER FLY~~~ LAF LAF LAF.. haha... main main!... haha... after that... break.. haha all decided to go To McD.. but me canot =( so all da boys neva go.. haha..sory lar...haha went to makan wif dem..With xtra 1 gal.. G haha.. then go clas.. in da clas...er... nothin much happen.. study study.. haihz >.<>.< so instant.. haha... ok lu... haihz.... thn.. after clas.. went out wif da boys again.. haha this time go eat lunch.. haha they all 1 more hour to the death.. haha go out wit dem help them release stress abit.. haha v talk talk talk there.. then go back.... sit library... haha.. NO MORE LIBRARY.. change to resource centre d lu.. haha...mayb sound better that way? haha.. a few "Guai Lou"went there.. V-Deo cam there.. haha see see here n there.. then inside der.. 1 hour.. haha... kinda bored.. =\ after that.. they all survived from the DEATH(exam).. all come out.. haha.. then we.. go CENDOL.. haha actually yum cha de.. haha.. then makan makan.. afta dat.. i go back to college dey all went to CC.. and then went resource centre.. haha.. after My clas.. we went to talk talk talk in resource centre.. haha.. until 6 only go HOme.. haha.. what a day.. KEEP ON eat eat eat nia.. haha..

How long will we be friends..?? let me see.. as long as stars twinkle in the sky.. as long as angels are there up high... till the ocean run and... till the day i die

Friday, May 04, 2007


Today morning wakeup.... kinda tired.. cuz neva get good sleep last night.. haihz... suan liao.. go skul... as usual.. went out for breakfast.. =\ haha there sit sit a while talk talk.. then Q say.. she reach ady..so i quickly finish my breakfast.. and go back.. =0 go back der.. i was shocked.. cuz her Bowling BAG is SOOOOOOO HUGE... haha.. besarnye.. then put in my car.. as usual went for malaysian studies.. CRYSTAL??HMS~~~bla bla bla.. haha.. then after that.. went to cafeteria.. sit down der.. talk talk talk .. all eating.. splitted into 2 tables... v talk talk talk.. then my table no 1 was eatin only Q der makan pasta.. haha tasted 1 of it.. taste like FLOUr only.. haha don taste good at all.. =\ all sit der talk talk talk.. at de end also neva finish da food.. left abit.. then go class.. after clas.. go down saw Q in cafeteria wif adrain.. see see.. so poor thing.. then call thm... but.. all run out jo =\ haihz.. always so bad neva wait for us 1.. haihz suan liao.. we went out der.. find dem.. haha.. dey love to find thos place which is hard to park de.. =\ haha.. but luckily can get 1 parking space.. so park der.. find dem makan.. when sit down order food nia.. all say wana go already.. haihz.. suan liao.. always liddat 1... suei nye... left 5of us on a taable KY brothers yilyn Q n me... haha... then v sit der talk talk talk.. food der quite nice.. haha.. after eatin.. went to 1U BOWLING time... ^_^ haha..long time no play ady... haha>.< play playplay... aiya.. so sia suei.. 1st time get so low.. haih.. sad nye... what to do.. haihz... suan liao...but at lease the 2nd round better abit.. haha.. felt so proud?? haha.. mayb.. but still.. must play more ady.. if not next time sure very siasuei again.. haihz..after bowling.. we went back.. 4of uz..left nicole n her fren william.. haha.. dey both training der... haha.. leme see.. went back..then go cafeteria.. Kyean went to makan.. all of us down der pui kyean&yilyn makan..haha.. after that went up to discussion room.. haha..went up der.. sit down der.. talk talk see see play play chat chat.. haha then nicole Q also come n join us.. haha all of us der talk talk play play chat chat see see listen listen haha... TIME FLYS.... 5ady lu.. all of us leave... haha then see see.. no wer to go .. so we go home.. haha.. send yilyn to jinjang.. then Go home... stil not havin my dinner yet =( hunger

Medicines & Friendships both cure problems. Only diff is dat friendshp donet have an expiry date, no price no dosage.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


morning... wakeup... then go out.. VROOM~~~~~~ reach.. cloe's house.. saw Nicole der.. haha.. then talk talk a bit.. then borrow her car.. go drive 1 round... so nice^_^.. then chris come out say drive.. then v drive to Winson's house.. but not yet ready.. so v go kaho's house 1st.. but also the same not yet ready.. then fetch kaho go cloe house winson der.. so we talk talk talk talk.. then *BIPBIP* step say she cannot go =( sad nye.. :"( nvm v stil continue journey.. v go to Pryamid.. then walk walk talk talk eat eat.. BBQsomething.. the cute cute dinasour de.. haha.. v took picture wif de dinasour.. haha so nice.. then we go down skating.. haha so nice... 1st time skating.. haha so slippary... haha....so tight the shoe.. then we play playplay until around 3++4++ liddat.. then v all go find cendol.. haha.. i tot it was something super duper.. but kinda dissapointed.. haha.. still taste ok lar... haha... then v go kaiyean's house.. haha... we go to the playground.. haha.. kinda little kid right.. but we enjoy it^_^.. (O Look fast nye... )<< JAck.. haha the dog.. run so fast n cute.. Jack Russel =) haha.. bicycle photograph... Swing... and 1 dono call wad.. "Qiao Qiao ban".. haha... so nice... all playin der... ^_^ then after that.. we go back to KDU.. send all the ppl back.. haha.. then... go home... SOOO Tired... chat a few sentence then go bed Sleep... just wakeup^_^

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