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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Saturday, June 28, 2008


I wish i could do this....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For my friends

This is for my friends who are going to the trip..

So Sorry that i cannot join you all.. but i hope you all have fun over there...
I wish to go with you all but... I have tons of assign and project.. so enjoy my dear friends... ^^

Happiness is always short, enjoy more =)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Hey....

wahaha... long time no blog here... haha... is been a long long time...
ok lets start...

ytd sitted at McD since 7pm~ 12.30am hehe... y? teman kawan.. hehe... some ppl oso say me go 8 der.. actualy no lo.. got reason punya.. hehe.. not teling..

em.. nothin much loo..
today mornin pump petrol.. RM50... get?? i don even get 20liters... my tank rise 1 1/2 oni... haih.. sad lei.. increase alot...

HAPPY fathers day... haha

what have you done for your dad?

emm.. nothin lo.. haha went to eat lunch and dinner bring him around as a driver.. thats all loo.. hehe...

SORRY for being late o...met all my friends again..some missing for few events oso got go.. hehe so happy... all went for steamboat at HOUHOU.. not a very nice place but.. okok laa.. not bad.. hehe

B4 that... went for a function in skul held around 4~8++ lidddat...
The Function is about going green.. save the earth from pollution.. pay RM3 i get 1 SEVENTEEN mag, 2APPLE, Few packets for washin face de thingy, 2Tapao de tupperware"FAN HAP"(use paper buat 1), 2 spoon for eatin de.. oso paper 1.., 1 recycle bag.. haha.. CHEAP HOr.. haha.. can la not bad.. hehe ^^ at lease learn smth and saw some awsome performance loo... (Use lease phosphate de item)

ALOt more lu.. but forget ady la.. haha...whn i rmb i continue update ok? hehe

It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A very nice MTV

A very Nice Song.. HOpe everyone enjoy it

Some Of these move Seems Familiar

I wonder where i see these moves.. hahaha :P well you pple know it.. better ^^ =)


Hehe.. i found this vid.. haha.. looks v cute n nice.. hehe.. ENjoy my friends..^^

Monday, June 09, 2008

Undilah Dacing..

Haha.. vote for it... and this is wad u get...

Change Life Style...

Look and learn.. ^^ learn to live with it.. haha.. have a laugh..

Friday, June 06, 2008

Malaysian Belive it or not

Haha.. can you belive? today when i drive to college my speed was around 60~70km/h haha.. quite slow.. tryin to save petrol... emm.. hahaha... u kno..2.7perliter sXXt.. >.<>.<>.<

1> MOre people drive motorcycle

2>More motorcycle = less jamm

3> BUT more accidents...

4> Drive safe aa...

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Bla bla bla.. since last year.. hell.. haha petrol rises.. again again and again.. now! fuiyoyo... 41% haha.. guess what... 192cents to 270cents... if your car were to pump rm 70 it would be around rm 100,, rm100 would be RM 140+ ,, rm 150 will be 210++ fuiyoyo.. how to survive ah?? haha...
Tip to reduce petrol...

1> Turn off aircond if possible,switch it to fan
2> wind down your window..
3> Rev slowly...
4> bla bla bla.. haha... as usual...

Pro and COns
1> no more mat rempit
2> no more jamm (then how to travel ah?)
3> no more racing
4> no more aih sad..
5> no more yam cha... (NO money liao lehh..)
6> no more teh tarik(replace with ais kosong)
7> no more maggie goreng( replace with roti kosong)
8> economy don move(everyone try to stay at house more often)
9> GOT MORE PARKING!!! (YEAH! haha.. but who cares...)
10> petrol rise... everything rise price.. holy cow..
11> my allowance oso no rise(canot survive lehh)

Some1 fame dropped again..( u kno who LalAlaHh~)

Worker: ei ei boss.. can add petrol allowance or give more gaji ar?
BOSS: aiyo... where can.. everything rise my income no rise... oni pay more..
Worker: walao... where can liddat.. gaji no rise, rice rise price how to makan la..
BOSS: i also dono.. i rise your gaji who rise my money?
Worker: you think yourself laa...
BOSS: k lo.. you also think yourself la.. BLAME THE HEAD rise price owaiz..
Worker: yalo all his fault...

suan liao.. haih... petrol will increase more in da future... haihz.. sad... bear with it la.... suffer more...
don worry ah.. i heard they are givin some allowance la...but... not enuf de... so.. drink ice kosong and roti kosong oni.. hahaha


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

You only live once, treasure your life ^^

Monday, June 02, 2008


Just wokeup(stil dreamin^^).. felt so bored.. so decided to blog.. hehe... welll... quite some time no blog liao lu.. nothin much le... doin my assigns and bla bla bla... nothin much 2 say... just finished my holiday.. =0.. kinda sad? haha... no la.. finished my holiday by givin supprise + going holidays ^^ hehe.. nice lei... went langkawi, PD, pizza hut, home, office.. i guess thatz all..

Well.. i've owais wanted to learn piano.. but.. no heart? no time no bla bla bla.. so i decided to enjoy piano oni.. haha ^^